A Selection of Web Sites Designed by Bill Agee

"I make custom websites and attempt to fit the design to the client's personality and products."


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Mia Moore, Mixed Media Artist

Intermediate size artist site.

Extra pages of information and images.

Use of special button shapes to navigate.

J.A. Onder, Figurative Bronze Sculpture

Frames type navigation.

Internediate size site.

Personalized type and logo

Image in motion on home page.

Robin Hall, Oil Paintings.

Intermediate size site.

Makes use of title with drop shadow

image intensive site.

Bill Agee, photographer, artist, designer

Large site with many pages and images.

Some hidden pages for specific client use.

Easy format to update.

Agnes Copeland, Watercolor Artist

Basic Site with simple and easy navigation.

Colorful images on a white background.

Drop shadow technique used to float images.

After 8 years of designing brochures, catalogs, posters, notecards, with my main client being the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California, I decided to move into web site design. I first started designing web sites for artists, but recently I am beginning to work with corporate clients. I enjoy using computers and use them extensively in my photography / digital imaging business. Additionally I have been teaching Photoshop classes for the past 8 years at Saddleback Collage in Mission Viejo, CA. Before that I taught digital imaging courses for the Laguna Beach Art Institute.

I have a MFA in Studio Art from Calfornia State University, Long Beach and a BA in Pshcyology from Ohio Wesleyan University. In addition, I have over 12 years experience in book publishing beginning in sales/marketing, but the bulk of that time spent in editorial and management positions with Macmillan and Prentice Hall in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


PHONE / 949-496-2700

MOBILE: / 949-212-1112

P.O. BOX 7088






Niles Nordquist, Oil Paintings.

Medium to Large site with similar design and

navigation to Robin Hall's site.

Niles liked her background color and navigation bar,

So we used it and added a few other things

plus his images and another typeface.






Richard Trumbull is a San Diego Artist who specializes in landscape and portraits. He is president of the San Diego Portrait Society


Natraj Cussine of India is one of the largest Indian Food Chains in California. They range from serving high end sit-down meals with fine dining to fast food outlets in several locations in Orange County California.

Robert Agee is a real estate broker in Downtown Manhattan. He wanted a site that reflected his style and personality and did not look like the sterile corporate sites that predominate the field.