I have several ideas for this page, but first,

I am building a gallery of photograpohers I like a lot and whose work you

should study if you want to become a good photographer.

I am hoping to be able to give you great llinks to their images and any

books they have done ... espeically ones I own myself...

Stay tuned.  Check in early October, but  probably won't be ready until early November 2015


LYNDA.COM is a very excellent tutorial site I used when I was teaching  digital photograpy at Saddleback College.  I used it with my

students so they would learn the nuts and bolts of using Adobe Programs like Photoshop and Lightroom quickly on their own time

out of class.  It worked very nicely in allowing me to spend a lot more of my semester class time showing creative uses of those

programs instead of having to spend a lot of class time with Photoshop basics from scratch


By clicking on this link below, you can get a 10 day free trial checking over the site.

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