The land of many people with great respect for each other's space and the environment. Virtually no ugly graffiti and the country is very clean. In fact as one who used to live and work in Manhattan, and knew my way around the NYC Subway system quite well, I was amazed at the clean trains and clean stations in the Tokyo system. Very safe, too. I witnessed small school children in uniforms and briefcases going it alone to school on the subway...something you would never see over here. The floor on the subway car was spotless. I felt I could lie down and not soil my clothes. Quite amazing. I guess this comes from having a completely homogeneous culture.

I want to go back again. My son Bill and his wife Anita were nice enough to take me on a special tour of Nara, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hemeji, and of course, Tokyo. They both like ancient Japanese Shrines and culture. Only because of this could I get a lot done in such a short time. Great country to photograph and the people were very nice although I couldn't understand a word they were saying most of the time.


Castle Wall, Himeji


Castle Grounds, Himeji


White Castle Walls, Himeji


Lamp and Pond, Nara


Lighting the Flame, Nara


Carp Stadium, Hiroshima


Atom Bomb Dome, Hiroshima


Peace Monument and Eternal Flame, Hiroshima


Imperial Villa #2


Imperial Villa #1


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